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Suvorna Hairpal h20 4.5" Compact Beard and Moustache Scissors for Men. Precision Classic Trimming, Styling & Cutting Scissors. Best Designed for own use. Take your Beard Grooming Needs to Next Level!

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  • Model: Suvorna Hairpal h20 4.5" Compact Beard and Moustache Scissors for Men. Precision Classic Trimming, Styling & Cutting Scissors. Best Designed for own use. Take your Beard Grooming Needs to Next Level!
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Hairpal h20

Mustache & beard trimming and styling made simple.

The most economical mustache & beard scissors from Suvorna, the sharp edge makes trimming smooth and effortless. Ideal for home and professional use.


  • PRECISION CUTTING: Made with high-quality surgical grade stainless steel. 4.5" overall length with large finger holes. 1.5" long precision aligned sharp cutting blades, solid sturdy construction.
  • SHARP: Extremely sharp edge blades have a convex edge that eliminate hair bending and pushing. Solid sturdy construction. Ideal for use at home and Spas / Salons. Comes with free synthetic leather pouch.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We take pride in our craftsmanship and product quality. Each pair of scissors undergoes our strenuous Quality Assurance tests. This gives us the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • 90 DAYS FREE RETURN: Try them for yourself and if they do not meet your expectations, we are happy to exchange or refund, no question asked!
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Tech Specs

  • Size: 4.5 inches
  • Finish: Polished Mirror
  • Material: High Carbon SS
  • Color: Natural Polished Steel
  • Shipping Weight: 4 Ounces

A perfect tool for precise cutting moustache, beard & brow hair. Extremely sharp scissors - they won't disappoint you! Handcrafted scissors, made from finest steel. Use these scissors instead of clippers as it gives you more control and it only cuts a few hairs at a time, so a small mistake is not a big deal for your awesome beard or moustache.

The bald look can be a bland look. And surely you don’t want to look like a clone of other bald men. Your style needs more character – more things going on. Your style needs facial hair. Luckily, if you shave your head because you are going bald, you are most likely blessed with thick facial hair growing abilities; And this is the perfect time to use them. Grow some form of a beard. Any kind – from a mustache – to full on burly grizzly beard. There is a good reason for it too; Doing so will balance your face, by drawing away the attention from your bald head, and giving you more personality.

THE MUSTACHE: Is a smaller piece of facial hair, but it’s quite distinguished. It makes you look serious and quite frankly, demands respect.

THE BEARD: Is the counter to baldness. It’s a great dress for any face on any head, regardless if it’s bald or not. You can get very creative with it. You can leave it longer (if it won’t affect your career), or just keep it short and corporal. It's a symbol of manliness. Throughout history, beards were always associated with power, wisdom, leadership, masculinity, and virility. Having a beard gives a powerful statement: “I am a man”. From a psychological point of view, it’s a sign of maturity. And from the female’s perspective; attractiveness.

For best results and a perfect haircut, hair should be washed and conditioned with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. A good quality comb is also handy. All suvorna products are backed by money back guarantee.


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Safety Information

Beware Suvorna scissors are sharp tools. Keep them out of the reach of children. Avoid cutting tape or other sticky material with your Suvorna scissors because it leaves a sticky coating on Razor sharp edge, this sticky layer may interfere with hair during cutting. Use soft cloth with oil to clean Suvorna scissors. Avoid touching the blades with fingers. Keep the Suvorna scissors in the box or pouch came along with the scissors when they are not in use.


Hairdressing Suvorna scissors should be stored in cool, safe and dry place, free from humidity, dust, chemical or acidic environment and cosmetics. Regularly wipe the blades with a thin coating of oil to prevent stain and corrosion. Store Suvorna scissors in their proper bags or cases, individually. Do not store them together with other tools or other scissors. Avoid dropping from hands as it can knock the blades out of their alignment or break the blades and sharp edges.


Suvorna mustache and beard trimming scissors are not multi purpose tools, avoid cutting thick cloth, wires, plastic items, staples, needles or pins and cardboard. Store your Suvorna scissors with the blades closed to avoid nicking the edges with other objects. Store Suvorna scissors in a safe place after each use to avoid accidents.

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