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Suvorna Pointed and Slanted Tip Tweezers Set (2 for 1)

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  • Model: Suvorna Pointed and Slanted Tip Tweezers Set (2 for 1)
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Plucking or tweezing hair made simple.

The most economical tweezer set from Suvorna, one pointed and one slanted tip tweezers. Ideal for home and professional use.


  • PRECISION CONSTRUCTION: Suvorna Tweezers are made from a premium grade Stainless Steel. The tension in the steel is perfectly controlled. Tips are carefully aligned & finished by hand to achieve unbeatable performance.
  • EASY PLUCKING: Slanted Tip Tweezers remove a bulk of the hair from eyebrows and Pointed Tweezers remove individual hair for precise shaping of eyebrows. Hand-finished tips ensure non-slip grip and prevent hair breakage (Always pluck in the direction of hair growth for best results)
  • TWO PACK SET: Two pairs of Tweezers, well packaged in a beautiful designer packaging to help keep your tweezers clean, safe and ready to use. Available in seven bright colours.
  • CLEARER, SMOOTHER BEAUTIFUL SKIN, GUARANTEED!! With our TWEEZERS You will notice the very FIRST TIME, a dramatic difference in performance compared to any other store brand tweezers.
  • INGROWN HAIRS AND EYEBROW HAIR: They are not just good for that troubled ingrown hair, but also for precision eyebrow plucking. With a ULTRA STRONG GRIP, they will pick up the smallest individual hair EFFORTLESSLY that standard tweezers would not be able to get to.
  • PERFECT FOR SPLINTERS: Do you encounter splinters, debris, thorns, glass, metal, & other things embedded in fingers, hands, feet and legs? These stainless steel tweezers are perfectly aligned, hand filed calibrated and sharp tips that close evenly for smooth manoeuvring around almost invisible splinters! You'll feel like an expert.
  • MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Premium quality suvorna tweezers at a bargain price. Suvorna products come with no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. Each pair of tweezers undergoes our strenuous Quality Assurance tests. This gives us the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.If you are not happy with the product you can return it for a full refund, no question asked!

Tech Specs

  • Size: 4 inches
  • Finish: Colour Coated
  • Material: High Carbon SS
  • Colour: Red, Maroon, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Pick
  • Shipping Weight: 4 Ounces


Your search for the perfect tweezers set is over.

How many times have you been to your local pharmacy / store to pick up a cheap tweezer, just to throw it out after a few times using it FRUSTRATED? Say goodbye to cheap brands that just don't work and say hello to Suvorna Tweezers set - the ultimate tweezers set that are Stress-Free and will last! Throw out your old / misaligned tweezers and purchase our premium perfect ultra strong tweezer, where Hair removal has never been so easy.

Our "Professional Grade Suvorna Tweezers" are Well made, precise tweezer tips are strong with calibrated ends. And, needlepoint precision for splinters, ticks and ingrown hairs. These tweezers are just right for grabbing or teasing out an in-grown hair from the tender skin. They are so pointed and sharp at the ends that they will get out any ingrown hair you have with ease. In short, this is the ULTIMATE GROOMING TOOL ever!!

  • Use to pull out ingrown and short baby hairs
  • Groom and shape eyebrows
  • Remove facial hairs
  • Remove splinters - glass, metal, wood

You risk absolutely nothing. Your purchase is backed by an unconditional 100% money back guarantee, so why not take advantage of our promotional offer and buy another pair as a backup OR as a gift set for your loved ones on this Christmas season.

To get your brand new ULTIMATE Precision aligned Suvorna Tweezers, Click the "Add to Cart" button above now and discover how quickly and EFFORTLESSLY you can get rid of all those annoying stray hairs.

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